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Episode 480

Okay guys, some people may already be aware of why I haven’t been around much, but for those who aren’t: I got tendinitis, and I’ve been trying to avoid the computer as much as I can until I get better. I’ve been feeling better, but I still don’t want to force it.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make a huuuge update around here with fanart, figures and even a small video-game appearance of our boys, and I promise I will, just give me a little time, ok? :)

For now though, just a small update…


So lovely, my gosh *____* Even if you look at it without yaoi glasses (which is hard in this case XDD) it’s still adorable, cause it shows that Helmeppo may not have the best temper around but he still cares deeply about Coby <333

You can watch the entire episode HERE: or HERE and download it HERE:

I’m convinced that that was fanservice XD It wouldn’t be the first time:

Episode 415:

Episode 68:

So, yeah, what a lovely X-Mas present, wasn’t it? <XD

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